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Is Your Washing Machine Just Not Working Well?

Laundry detergents do not dissolve well in hard water and it will leave residue on the laundered items, discoloring and leaving items gray and dingy.

High calcium and magnesium both inhibit detergent’s effectiveness and actually bind to fabrics, yielding stiff and dingy laundry. About 80% of US households have “hard” water as their supply.

Why isn’t my detergent working well
Cleaning Capacity of Soap with Hard & Soft Water

Hard water contains an enemy to soap. Dissolved calcium, such as you get in areas with a lot of limestone, has a strong positive charge.

When a negatively-charged soap molecule comes in contact with a positively-charged calcium atom, the two bond together making one molecule with no charge at all.

No Longer Able To Dissolve

This soap molecule still attaches itself to oil, but without its negative charge, the other end can no longer dissolve in water.

And when the soap-oil mixture can’t dissolve, you get that sticky scum in the washing machine or a nasty bathtub ring.

How Does Water Hardness Affect My Laundry?

You can think of water hardness as a tough stain that interacts with the ingredients in your washing detergent, and stops your detergent from working effectively. When washing with hard water, good detergents include extra ingredients that soften the water so the rest can get to work removing the real stains. This is why you’ll need to use more detergent to soften the water if you have hard water.

Some of the most common laundry problems you may encounter when you live in a hard water area are:
  • Dingy whites or garments coming out with a grey or yellow hue.
  • Stiff and harsh feel in your fabrics.
  • Soil build up in your clothes.
  • White or grey streaks appearing on your coloured and dark garments.
  • Weakened fibres that are easily torn.

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