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Hard Water

Why is Hard Water a Problem In Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach & Greater San Diego?

Hard water can be problematic because it reacts with cleaning products, creates soap buildup, and can wear down fixtures and appliances more quickly than soft water. The minerals in hard water react with soap to create soap scum, inhibiting suds.

This means you need to use more soap with hard water. The buildup of minerals on glasses and dishes, clothing, fixtures, and even skin and hair can take their toll over time.

Why isn’t my detergent working well

Common Household Problems Related to Hard Water:

  • Scale buildup inside water supply pipes, restricting water flow
  • Film and scale buildup on ceramic tile and fixtures
  • Difficulty rinsing off soap and shampoo completely, leaving skin or hair feeling dry or dull
  • Scale deposits shortening the life of water heaters
  • Spots on glasses and dishes cleaned in dishwater
  • Less effective clothes washing due to lack of suds
  • Increased wear on clothing during washing

What Does Hard Water Do To Plumbing?

cleaner and better tasting water

The minerals in hard water start to build up inside pipes, fixtures, and appliances over time. The build-up we don’t see can start to cause all sorts of plumbing problems, such as reduced water flow, clogs, and increased stress on pipes and fixtures. The mineral deposits can also cause appliances to operate less efficiently and wear down faster.

For example, a water heater has to heat all of the mineral scale buildup inside the tank, as well as the water. Overall, hard water can result in less efficient plumbing and more repairs over time.

Our Solution

Scale Gone

A great device to use before tankless water heaters if hard water conditions exist. This is a maintenance free device that suspends the hardness molecules, so they are not able to attach and scale up the inside of the piping saving thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs. These can also be used commercially for boilers and cooling towers. Benefits of removing scale buildup include:

  • Quick and safe limestone, deposit and scale buildup removal
  • Improved efficiency of the tankless water heater
  • Extends the life of the water heater, boiler or cooling tower
  • Increase energy savings since it won’t require as much energy to heat the water
Why isn’t my detergent working well