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Why Does My Tap Water Taste Funny?

With over 316 different contaminants found in water supplies throughout the U.S., there are a number of reasons why your water may have an odd taste or smell.

Undesirable flavors include earthy, sulfuric, chlorine, metallic and swampy. These flavors may originate from algae, bacteria, disinfectants, wildfires, minerals and decaying vegetation.

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What Can Be Lurking in Your Tap Water?

Arsenic has seeped into the water supply in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Arsenic is a common contaminant since it’s found naturally in the earth’s crust. Reuters reports that southwestern cities like Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Scottsdale, and Tucson get their drinking water from sources containing arsenic levels that exceed what’s allowed by the EPA. Exposure to arsenic can increase one’s risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Like lead, the chemical has also been linked to brain development issues in children.


Some of the most common contaminants found in tap water include lead, which can produce permanent brain damage in children, and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which has been linked to cancer.


Low levels of chlorine in the water system can also expose people to a parasite called giardia that causes diarrhea, cramps, and nausea. The World Health Organization has also determined that chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride can impair muscles or lead to joint stiffness and pain.


California and Massachusetts have enforced strict limits on perchlorate — a chemical used to make rocket fuel, missiles, and fireworks — in drinking water. The EPA has identified 45 states that have perchlorate in drinking water, which puts an estimated 16 million Americans at risk of consuming the chemical. The chemical poses the greatest danger to children and pregnant women since it’s been linked to brain development issues.


Like arsenic, manganese is found naturally in the earth’s crust. While the mineral is more commonly consumed through food, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) has determined that around 9 million Americans drink water from public systems with more than 300 parts per billion of manganese (the unofficial recommendation set by the EPA).

When it comes to regulating tap water across the nation, however, the EPA has said they “may not know” whether your water is safe to drink.

When Business Insider asked famed clean-water advocate Erin Brockovich about her biggest concern for today’s drinking water, she pointed to one chemical: perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). The man-made substance is commonly known as the “nonstick” element in Teflon that prevents your food from clinging to the pan.

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