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Air Quality

The air we breathe is often contaminated with particles. When those particles become excessive, they compromise the integrity of your home environment.

Our cutting-edge technology allows our Goldmorr Technicians to TEST ,TREAT, AND CLEAR the air of these airborne contaminants.

Air Quality
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The quality of the air in your home and the test reports provided will be based on International Standards set for clean air.
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The Science, Safety, & Satisfaction of The Goldmorr System
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Science GM 6000 is formulated to prostrate porous materials and is used for the removal of most types of visible staining, including mold. GM 2000 is a biodegradable, water-based product safely used to clean all surfaces including fabrics, as well as fogging into the air and AC ducts. This final step in the Goldmorr micro-cleaning process is the elimination of airborne particulates. When fogging, it acts as a non-mechanical air scrubbing sytem designed to suspend inanimate particulates for easy removal from the indoor air environment.

Safety - Skin Testing & Biodegradability
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Produced no erythema or oedema at 60 minutes, 24, 48, and 72 hours, following a 4-hour exposure pieriod...Classified as non-irritant to skin according to the criteria of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission.

Biodegradability / Goal = > 70% decomposition within 28 days. Actual = 95% during test period in arproximately 4 days.

Your Home's Air Quality Is Important To Us!