Why a Garden Water Filtration System is so Important for Your Organic Garden

Growing your own garden of organic produce not only saves money, but it also keeps your family healthier. But if you’re not filtering your water before you pour it on your garden, you’re undoing all your best efforts.

 Garden Water Filtration System is so Important for Your Organic Garden

Think about where that water from the tap comes from. In it, there’s chlorine for killing off bacteria. Some cities also include fluoride for dental health. And in many of the water districts across the country, they add a horrifying combination of chlorine and ammonia (called chloramines) to the water.

There are also pharmaceutical residues, radioactive particles, and a seemingly unending list of other contaminants. Even well water can be subject to contamination. Still, feel like watering your garden from your hose connected to the local tap water source? We didn’t think so.

You can check with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for their city survey to see what contaminants are reported in your water. But knowing is only half of this battle. What you should be doing is getting a garden filtration system in place to care for your organic garden.

Thankfully, there are two top-rated and very easy-to-use garden filtration systems you can use to keep your organic garden from being sullied by contaminants in the water.

Home Gardener XLA (10,20)Have a larger organic garden at home? You’ll find the ease of using this model a breeze. Simply attach it to any hose faucet and turn on the water. It effectively filters out chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, lead, and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, it contains a sediment filter to ensure your organic plants get only the best.

Along with that sediment filter, it features KDF, premium enhanced carbon, and the Ahlstrom disruptor. If you prefer, you can plumb it into your irrigation lines directly. However you choose to use it, you’re getting 4 stages of filtration that will serve you for up to 24,000 gallons or one year.

Home Gardener XLAS (10,20)Another ideal option for your larger home gardening projects, this one is just as easy to use and filters out the same nasties. The set-up inside is the same too, and it can be plumbed into your irrigation lines. The key difference between this model and the XLA is that this one has a descaler which helps with the absorption of water and it provides 5 stages of filtration.

Both models of garden filtration systems come backed with a 5-year warranty and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. With that kind of confident backing, you can choose one of them to water your garden without worrying about taking in chemicals on your well-tended organic produce.

If you’re still watering your organic garden with unfiltered water from the tap, stop! Start using a Home Gardener filtration system to keep your garden as pure as nature intended!